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AnMór Studio is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of our online publication, THORN – as an extended section of this website in January 2023.

THORN aims to supplement and enhance the material featured in Echtrai Journal – we will be publishing new writing and edited samples not included in the print version, alongside interviews, overviews, articles and features relating to marginalised landscapes, plus photography, visual art and more. THORN will be an online resource and archive of fascinating and educational material relating to landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, ignored, secreted, and mythic, that is at once enlightening and provocative. .

We are looking for writers, poets, photographers and artists who would like to contribute work to THORN. Deadline for submissions is 20th December 2022. Please mark emails clearly with THORN in the description line.

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THORN is the name of one of the lost letters of the English alphabet which has its roots in the Scandinavian Rune Poems, and was used in Old English, Gothic, Old Norse, and Old Swedish languages. The letter Thorn originated from a rune in the Elder Futhorc, an ancient runic alphabet and writing system used by the Germanic peoples, which stems from the early 2nd Century. Thorn still survives in the modern Icelandic language.

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