Between Acrotelm and Catotelm | A Peat Invocation

PUBLISHED: March 25th 2022

Pre-orders taken from 24th February

Limited Specialist Collector’s Edition of 50 signed, numbered copies only.

FORMAT: A5 Loose leaves / unique binding on finest Tintoretto Gesso art paper. Translucent slip cover, translucent cover sheet, black belly band, A5 essay-booklet, 3 double-sided fine art images with unique incantations on reverse, Binding – 2 x silver fold-back clips

PRICE: £15.00 + £3.00 P&P (UK)

PAYMENT: (link below) -Simply log in to Paypal, and make your payment to: 

Please remember to mark your order “ACROTELM” clearly on your payment, also please include your postal address, and any specific instructions with regard to delivery. Please expect a wait of 10 – 14 days for delivery during busy periods. Mail outs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays


NOTE: If you have any issues with regard to payment, or require additional help, advice, or information, please don’t hesitate to email at:

Part of The Land Incanted archaeo-mythic journey into a deeply ancient, lost ‘proto’ language, locked deep in the peat sediments of the Scottish Flow Country around Sutherland and Caithness.

This project takes as its focus the poetic notion that language might speculatively be preserved in peat, in much the same way as all other organic materials. The unique alchemical characteristics of peat have the ability to compress and preserve fossils, pollen, seeds, even human bodies (bog-bodies) over many millennia, and here I invite you to visualise the remnants of ancient chants and incantations in the form of an oblique linguistic notation, suspended deep in the earth’s strata..

“..Earth-memory is sedimented. Language has been locked into successions of decomposing striae. Deprived of light, the earth acts upon all matter, a slow sequence of acidic alchemical exchanges that transform and preserve.
Life is suspended, entombed. Forms compressed. Breath exists only in the dreaming of it. Unfixed and interminable margins afford life a transcendent prospect.
Edaphology suggests earth interaction – each action a re-action of that which preceded as the boundaries between epochs merge, and each merging writes its subterranean tale…”

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